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The Danish coastline is 7314 km and Denmark has more than 1000 lakes. This explains why Danmark has a long-standing and recreational for rowing on both elite and recreational levels. Nevertheless it has been quite some years since Denmark last hosted a rowing Championship and therefore we are very pleased to welcome you to the first Nordic Rowing Master regatta on Lake Bagsværd.

Hosting the Nordic Rowing Master regatta at Lake Bagsværd with everything at close range and handled by experience organization.

The Venue is Denmark’s national regatta Course in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen. Lake Bagsværd is a natural lake surrounded by beautiful Danish forest. The lake has been used for international rowing events for many decades.

Previously numerous international rowing regattas were staged at the lake, for example 1987 the World Rowing Championship and in 2016 the FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta.

The sport infrastructure of the venue is very compact. Changing rooms, boat storage, rafts coach and safety boats, water traffic regulation and boat control are all within 500 meter.


The Danish Rowing Federation (DFfR) has entrusted Copenhagen regatta Association and the organization behind the indoor Danish slide Open and the Ft for Rowing to organize the sport competition of the Nordic Rowing Master regatta. By doing so an experienced team of regatta organizer has signed up to throw all the competence and energy needed into the organization of the 2016 Nordic Rowing Master Regatta.

When rowing on the Lake Bagsværd you will find yourself in the middle of a forest but the regatta facilities are only 13 kilometers, less than 10 miles, away from the city hall square (and Tivoli) in the center of Copenhagen with easy access by road or just as easy by train. Therefore if you fly or go by train to Copenhagen you do not have to consider to rent a car. The efficient public transport system in the Copenhagen region will bring you to the regatta course or any location in the region as easy as in your own vehicle.

Copenhagen is a main hub all air travel in this region of the Northern Europe. Its stunning international airport is one of the newest in Europe and serves all the major airlines in the world. As one of Europe’s top event destinations and as well known sports capital, Copenhagen has many years of experience in hosting big events.

Over the previous 10 years several hotel chains has established themselves in Copenhagen bringing several new hotels in the city center. Hotels which are not only top classes posh hotels but also more humble hotels with fair prices can be found. All of those within easy walking distance from the public transport reaching out the Copenhagen region, or, if you fancy, you can go by train across the Sound to the Swedish town Malmø in just 30 minutes.

Visiting Copenhagen you can enjoy the laid back relaxed atmosphere in the one mile long shopping street Strøget. Go by boat around the Little Mermaid, the Royal Opera, the canals and the New Harbour, bars and restaurants. You can experience the newly opened Aquarium the Blue Planet or visit the Zoo with the Arctic Circle scenery displaying seals and polar bears in close to wild life environment.


Denmark and its capital city are proud of their environment record and not only one of the safest, but also as one of the cleanest and most comfortable in the world. The crystal-clear waters and the clean of this city by sea provide a comfortable environment for all its visitors.

Denmark’s National Regatta Course Lake Bagsværd is Denmark’s international rowing arena. The surroundings of the beautiful natural regatta course are unique even in Denmark.

The Climate in august is normally dry weather and mild temperature about 20 ° C.