Regatta info 2017

Open Nordic Rowing Masters Regatta 2017
Lake Bagsvaerd on Saturday and Sunday 29th and 30th of July 2017.

Course Length: 1000 meters

Number of courses: 6 with solid start

Flow Range: 5 minutes

Registration deadline: 19th of July 2017 at 18:00 pm. Mix race last 28th of July 2017 at 20:00 pm.

Late registration (19th July 18:01 pm – 27th July 18:00 pm) at double registration fee is possible at the registration site.

Mix races: Registration later than 28th July – Please contact the regatta office.

Registration and payment: Click here

Late registration fee must be paid online when registering.

Address: Bagsvaerd Lake, Skovalleén 40, 2880 Bagsvaerd

Price: 1x/ 180 kr. / 24 euro,  2x/ 2- 270 kr./ 36 euro,  4x/ 4- 540 kr./ 72 euro,  8+/ 720 kr./ 96 euro

Late registration: 1x/ 360 kr. / 48 euro,  2x/ 2- 540 kr./ 72 euro,  4x/ 4- 1.080 kr./ 144 euro,  8+/ 1.440 kr./ 192 euro.

Regatta office is open from Friday 28th of July at 4 pm.

Registration must be paid no later than 21th of July 2017 to be timely. Payment to be effected online by credit card payment at the registration site.

There will be rowed by FISA Rules.

Contact: Reiner Modest:

Security: There will be available Red Cross first aid and diving throughout the regatta
There rowed in pure lady’s races, pure men’s races, and in the mix, half of the team must be the opposite sex (cox excluded)

Dress code: will be the same, except for the mix race

Race schedule: issued immediately after registration deadline, but if there will be races with only one or two entries, these races will be combined with a younger age group, with the winner in each age

Anti-doping: that will be introduced as random checks at the regatta
Any participant has to guarantee for their own health to be in order

Dining: There will be opportunity to purchase food and drink in Bagsvaerd Rowing Club and in the big tent at the spectators area

Accommodation: There are plenty of hotels and Danhostel in Copenhagen and S- train goes right to the edge of the wood approx. 10 minutes walk from the lake

Age Category
A = minimum age 27 years
B = average over 36 years
C = average over 43 years
D = average over 50 years
E = average over 55 years
F = average over 60 years
G = average over 65 years
H = average over 70 years

Age Control: must be able to documents present their passport / ID with photo